Crime and criminal justice data sources

Australian Bureau of Statistics
National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics: Crime and Justice Releases[...]

The statistical publications from the ABS National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics provides online access to the most recent publications, media release, feature articles, information papers, and other published data relating to a diverse range of criminological subjects.

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Prisoners in Australia (2012)

Prisoners in Australia presents national statistics on the prison population within Australia. This publication outlines statistics on the characteristics of prisoners, sentence lengths, offence categories, and describes changes over time.

Australian Institute of Criminology

The Australian Institute of Criminology is a Commonwealth statutory authority that undertakes important criminological research. With an extensive range of information on its website, the site features latest news, recently released publications, annual reports, fact sheets, information on conferences and occasional seminars, as well as important statistics on crime and criminal justice ( The site also provides a link to the JV Barry Library, a major criminal justice information service with access to databases, catalogues, directories, bibliographies, online journals, reports, and other resources.

International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)

Interpol is an international policing organisation with 188 member countries. The Interpol site provides information on international crimes such as drugs, genocide, war crimes, trafficking, public safety, environmental crimes, and terrorism.