Media and communications – national data sources

Communications Law Centre

The Communications Law Centre is an independent, non-profit, public interest organisation specialising in media, communications and online law and policy. It works in four main areas, research, teaching, public education and legal advice.

Australian Press Council

The Australian Press Council (APC) is the self-regulatory body of the print media with a mandate to preserve freedom of the press within Australia and to ensure ethical and responsible conduct. The comprehensive website contains information on complaint mechanisms (guidelines, surveys, statistics, procedures, and forms), press releases, key links, APC news and publications, as well as other information concerning freedom of the press, and APC activities.

Friends of the ABC

Friends of the ABC defend and promote the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australia’s independent and national broadcasting service (see This site contains news, information on current issues (bias, funding, and sponsorship), media releases, and online publications, including submissions, opinions, facts, figures, and newsletters.