Multiculturalism – national data sources

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Special Article: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Australia (1995)[...]

This article presents various measures to indicate the extent and characteristics of Australia’s ethnic and cultural diversity.

Further information about cultural diversity in Australia can be found in the 2012 yearbook:[...]

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Arts and Cultural Trends in Australia: A Statistical Overview (2012)

This publication brings together a range of statistics related to culture in Australia.

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission (formerly the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission) is a national independent statutory government body with responsibility for inquiring into alleged infringements of anti-discrimination laws. The site features extensive information and resources on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social justice, disability rights, human rights, racial and sex discrimination.

The Australian Multicultural Foundation

The Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF) promotes awareness and acceptance of cultural diversity within Australia. The website contains information on research and projects, events, and latest news. Also available on this site is online access to the quarterly newsletter, as well as links to partner organisations associates.